Lapel Pins for Fun and Profit

Collecting lapel pins is a widely popular hobby that can be traced as far back in the 1800s. Lapel pins can be bought, sold, and often exchanged; collectible pins have an amazing variety. Today, lapel pins are associated with a specific common theme. The most common ones are the Olympic pins, Disney pins, and Sports pins among others.

As early as 1896, pins, originally small cardboard disks, were used to identify athletes, judges, and officials during the Olympic games. The military had also used pins to identify its high ranking officers.

Lapel pins are still used and often seen in airports, offices, schools and many more establishments, these lapel pins usually are enforced with a needle and displayed near the left side of the chest, this also gave the company employees a sense of loyalty and pride towards their company. But not only was this popular to western countries, the Soviet Union also had their share in the popularity of Lapel pins. The Soviet Union made Pins that had political figures, various landmarks to be used as souvenirs that were sold to tourists.

At present, it has gained so much popularity that it has been labeled as the most popular spectator sport in the Olympic games. The practice of collecting lapel pins and trading, bridges the different cultures of the spectators and helps create connections between people of all ages. Not only that, but lapel pins are the most affordable souvenirs for all the fans across the world.

lapel pinsAnother common theme associated with lapel pins are the Disney pins. Disney boasts an exciting and highly interactive trading experience in Walt Disney World. Pin trading enthusiasts can have fun trading Disney pins with other guests and Disney cast members. The theme park has always offered its guests collectible pins but this fun exchange of Disney pins has started in the Millennium Celebration in 1999 at Walt Disney World. Ever since, many Disney parks have followed the practice including Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and even Disney Cruise Lines. Today, many of its guests take part each day in trading Disney collectible pins with Disney cast members. It has now become one of its remarkable trademarks.

The popularity of lapel pins has never been greater than in youth sports. It has been introduced by Little League in the 1980s. Ever since its introduction, it has gained popularity throughout the entire country and even in other countries.

It has truly become embedded in the culture of youth sports especially in baseball and softball. Generally, each team has its own custom trading pin design that represents their team more suitably. Baseball bats, balls and diamonds are usually the basic elements universally acknowledged in sports.

Finding pins related to sports is quite easy. You just have to remember some essential rules. In recent years, most lapel pin enthusiasts prefer much bigger pins than ever before. Naturally, league teams also have their pins fashioned in specific size, which is usually 1.75-2.5 inches.

Nowadays, sport teams are not only eager to play games at Little Leagues but they have also become more enthusiastic in trading their team pins with other teams. In fact, the teams design their custom pins months before the league starts. Aside from the usual pins of their mascots or the image of their representing teams, they like to add more fun effects like glitters and even blinking lights just to up their chances of getting more trades. And of course, they want their team to be recognized as well.

Lapel pin trading has become a means of fostering unity in sporting events, and ultimately, encourage a spirit of fellowship and understanding amidst differences of customs and cultures.