11 Biggest Mistakes of Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Looking for the right SEO consultant might be a tough one, especially when you are essentially a novice in the online marketing world. Make your search easier by avoiding these 11 mistakes when hiring an SEO consultant.

1. Paying long-term services in whole

SEOMost clients tend to agree with package deals and long-term contracts because these are normally cheaper than the individual services. However, although you can really save in the process, you are also taking a gamble by paying something that you have yet to prove if effective or not.

You may want to consider individual services first if it is your first time to hire a search engine optimization consultant.

2. Believing promised results in a short amount of time

Experienced SEO consultants can promise results because they already have tried-and-true strategies and formula to success. What they cannot promise though are results in a short amount of time. The truth is, no one—not even experienced SEO experts—can say for sure the specific time when results can be seen. No one is in control of that, so you may have to wait a little longer than promised.

3. Falling for fancy SEO tools

A lot of SEO consultants try to dazzle their clients by presenting a lot of fancy tools that are supposed to be their trump card. While SEO tools do help in ranking a website, studies show that they do not significantly boost a website’s ranking because tools cannot keep up with the frequent updates in analytics. Expertise, not tools, make a real difference.

4. Availing of black hat SEO services

Black hat services are a big no-no. They are illegal, unethical, and are very likely to get you in trouble. Availing of black hat services may only lead to your website getting blacklisted and penalized.

consultantBlack hat services are SEO strategies that try to bypass Google analytics by using misleading html, tags, content, headings, and landing pages. SEO writing that used to be the golden standard in online marketing can now be classified as black hat strategy too, provided that it utilizes keyword stuffing or very high keyword density.

5. Signing up for a contract with a lock-in period and no-contest clause

You better run as fast as you can when a search engine optimization consultant tries to offer you this kind of contract. This is basically a way of stealing your money even when the consultant can no longer deliver.

Online marketing is the fastest evolving segment in the marketing industry. One consultant may be good at first but may also fail to deliver in the end when it fails to stay updated. Unless you have tried a consultant’s services before, you are advised to take it slowly and continue researching for the best options in your SEO marketing campaign.

6. Focusing too much on the SEO and SEM plans and less on their execution

Any search engine optimization consulting with enough knowledge about the technicalities of SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) can create an impressive marketing plan. They are easier to understand by the book and thus, to interpret. However, the execution is a very tricky process as search engines change their analytics faster than how search engine optimization consultants update written plans.

7. Not consulting past clients for reference

seo-consultantAn SEO consultant can claim a lot of things that it is not. To be sure that you are not being fooled, check the consultant’s past clients if they really rank well in their niches and if their websites do appear professional. Many websites also indicate their SEO consultants, so you may want to scour their websites for details.

8. Not doing enough online research

Everything is being talked about online. It is impossible not to find a discussion about a particular search engine optimization consultant. In fact, you should be suspicious if a consultant remains unknown in cyber space.

Look for reliable reviews, but it is better to join forums to fish for more information.

9. Availing of general SEO services without understanding how they are relevant to your website and online marketing campaign

Every client has the obligation to know what his website might need in order to rank high in search engines. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the search engine optimization consultant to lay down the specific details, but a client should have also done prior research just to familiarize himself of the SEO industry. A client who does not know anything about SEO or online marketing in general is only susceptible to scams and substandard services.

10. Expecting guaranteed and targeted results

The right term is “to look forward” and not “to expect.” It is hard to expect any guaranteed and targeted results when it comes to SEO because other websites in the same niche also do something about their ranking and marketing campaign. If you think that you are doing so much for your website, do not think that your competitors are not doing the same.

11. Disregarding the SEO consultant’s own website

The consultant’s own website is the best testimonial that you can get. If the website does not rank well and it appears to be rushed, you better look for another consultant that is more likely to be telling the truth.

Choose Best Options for your Custom Coins here at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com

Challenge Coins are very flexible as it can be designed to anything you may want and can be used in various purposes. Here at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we offer various custom coin options that you can choose at great prices. You can choose from polished brass, silver, copper, nickel, metal, or even antique variants of those. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want to create unique designs for your custom challenge coins. These metal styles will help to make your challenge coins more attractive and stylish. This will also help to promote your company, raise awareness and spread your messages to many people in an effective and chic way.

challenge-coinsChallenge coins come with various designs as well to make it more elegant and professional. If you want to protect your coin from scratches or cracks, epoxy coating are popular to use in many custom challenge coins. Custom shapes and cut-out designs create dramatic effect to your coins that will surely attract anyone who will see it. 3D designs and translucent enamel can make your custom coins achieve a bold and sheer look. It is perfect for professional use such as company promotion, product branding and more. To create a classical and traditional design to your custom challenge coins, engraved texts style is the perfect option for you. With offset printing, photographs and pictures can be added in your challenge coins to make it more attractive and trendy to people.

The advantages of having custom challenge coins today are countless. Custom challenge coins are memorable, meaningful and can express your unique personality and interests. They are perfect to use as an alternative business cards, giveaways and special promotions, tokens for VIP programs and employee recognition for a perfect attendance, sales award or an outstanding performance. www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com had produced different kinds of custom challenge coins in various purposes for several years. We assure you that only the highest quality materials and latest technological process are used to craft your custom coins through our very talented art and design staffs.

Various packaging options for custom challenge coins are also available these days in the market. You can choose PVC pouches, coin capsule, velvet bags, custom pouch insert or velvet bags. Custom coin stand are also available that will perfectly place your custom challenge coin on your desk or to any place you desire.

Custom challenge coins come with varying size and shapes. The typical size of a challenge coin is around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, and about 1/10-inch thick. Nowadays, custom challenge coins can be designed in various shapes like dog tags, arrowheads, shields, pentagons and many more. It can be designed simply according to a person’s requirements, engraving their company or group’s message and adding enamel highlights, cut-outs and multi-dimensional designs. It can also come with various finishes and are typically made in different metal styles like nickel, brass or copper.

So how did challenge coins start?

military-coinOrigins of challenge coins are still uncertain but some data showed that it started back to World War I. It happened when a wealthy officer gave his men a medallion imprinted by a flying squadron. When one of the young flying aces got shot down and captured, Germans took everything he has except the small pouch he had around his neck which is believed to contain the medallion given by the wealthy officer. He was able to escape and went to France. The French suspected him to be a spy and so he was sentenced to execution.

The pilot used his medallion to prove his identity and be saved from the execution. The imprint in his medallion was recognized by a French soldier and so his execution was delayed. Later on, they confirmed his identity and he was sent back to their unit. From then on, military personnel used challenge coins to prove one’s identity and membership in military. It became popular to different countries like Britain, USA, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

Beyond the military, challenge coins are now used by various organizations. Because of its long-lasting and highly-collectible characteristic, it became an effective way to prove your allegiance in a very attractive and stylish way.

And so here at www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we create custom challenge coins to a quality that people can’t help but notice. The attractiveness and versatility of custom coins are a great way in increasing sales and raising funds for your organization. We know that time is valuable to you and so we make it to a point that we craft your custom challenge coin orders as fast as we can. We provide you easy and quick production of custom coins to ensure your satisfaction and contentment with our custom challenge coin services.

Just visit www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com and experience the highest quality custom challenge coins that’ll surely captivate everyone’s attention.

Why Storage Containers From www.Moveablecontainer.Com Are Better Than Moving Trucks

At one point in a person’s life, one may find himself needing to move to a new home. Maybe it’s because of work, or personal reasons. Whatever the reason may be, having a reliable and effective means to move all those equipment and pieces of furniture is a must. A person may be moving to a new location, but leaving all the things behind with the old house is not a practical idea (unless the idea of a clean slate is what the person had in mind). That’s why one has to find a convenient means of transportation not only for the people moving in, but also for his stuff.

Movable storage containers maybe what you are looking for.

At www.moveablecontainer.com, storage containers are a-plenty. We have portable storage containers, cubicle storage containers, military-grade storage containers, and many more kinds of containers to suit every person’s need. That means whether you are moving to a new home or just need a temporary storage for your stuff, there’s a storage container that can fit your criteria.

Movable Container

In the case of moving to a new home, there are many options when it comes to transporting the pieces of furniture to the new location. One of the traditional methods is getting a moving truck to assist in the moving process, but this method has many disadvantages, one of which is the time pressure in moving because of the truck rental.

What if something causes a delay and postponing the moving process is inevitable?

Storage containers don’t have that kind of disadvantage, though. There are plenty of companies, like www.moveablecontainer.com, that offer flexible services that remove the pressure from the client, allowing a more hassle-free and convenient moving.

Choosing storage containers as your primary option in transporting your stuff also has a lot of advantages over moving trucks and other forms of transportation. Aside from their flexibility, our containers are also made from industry-grade corrugated steel with wood floorings, making them durable and able to protect whatever contents you may have inside.

Metal Containers

Speaking of protection, security is also a top priority, especially to someone who is moving almost everything he owns to a new location. At www.moveablecontainer.com, our customers have an option to have their storage containers delivered with a high-security lock box so they can be sure that their stuff will be safe from theft.

We have various container sizes and specifications depending on what you need. We have containers that are 20 feet, 40 feet, 40 feet high cube and 45 feet to accommodate all your equipment and furniture when moving to a new home. Do you need more room for your extra equipment? You can save a lot by opting for a single 45 feet storage container instead of two 20 feet containers.

As a bonus, you can be sure that there will be no leaks or any kind of defect as our storage containers are all wind and water tight and checked to be at par with industry standards.

Renting vs. Purchasing a Storage Container

After deciding that getting a storage container is the right option to move all your stuff, you now have two more options: You can either rent or purchase a storage container. Both have its own strengths and weaknesses, and again, the best is the one which suits your specific needs.

Renting a storage container, instead of buying it, is useful if the container will only be used for a one-time activity, like moving. Once you’re done moving all your things, you can have the company take back the container and enjoy a convenient and hassle-free moving.

Portable Storage Container

If you would like to use the storage container for a longer period of time however, it may be a better option to purchase one. Maybe you’re planning to convert the storage container to a permanent storage area for your large equipment, or maybe you want to be creative and transform it into a garden! Versatility is one of the reasons why storage containers are so useful, and purchasing one is definitely the way to go if you have better things in mind.

Of course, there may be rules and regulations in certain communities that require a permit prior to owning a storage container. The same laws don’t apply to every state, so check with the local authorities first to learn if you need to get a permit before purchasing a storage container for your personal use. Doing this will prevent further issues down the road.

Storage containers may be underrated, but they are simple and effective solution when moving to a new home. A family may be moving from an apartment to their permanent home, or a young professional may decide to move to the countryside. There are different occasions and situations, but whatever the case may be, there are storage containers at www.moveablecontainer.com that are not only more affordable and valuable than moving trucks, but can also help you achieve your goal.

Why Choose Taylormade Golf Products When Playing In The Greens

If you’re currently looking for premium Taylormade golf items, you’ve come to the right place. Rockbottomgolf is one of the most trusted brands today that provides golfers the ultimate products they need for the perfect golf setup. Our golf clubs as well as accessories are made with top quality materials and designs in order to help us meet the exact requirements and expectations of our customers around the world. We have excellent benefits and features to offer once you choose our brand while satisfying your needs in a more affordable manner.

When it comes to Taylormade R9 iron graphite, below are the benefits and features that you will get:

1. Specifically designed to bring advanced performance as well as tremendous distance through traditional package.

2. Built by skilled technicians in order to provide the ideal shape that golfers need when making a stroke. The entire design is clean with conventional details to ensure classic style during games.

3. Middle irons and long irons are ideally created separately from short irons because the main goal is to optimize players’ performances in all categories.

4. The three-iron through six-iron are particularly long with easy handling so that golfers get comfortable this. On the other hand, the short irons are built to encourage ultimate accuracy, control, and feel.

Taylormade Golf ClubBut if you want to use Taylormade golf burns super launch stiff GRA; you also get the chance to enjoy a lot of benefits. The features include deep and ultra large cavity in order to accommodate perimeter weighting while any mishit is handled efficiently whether on heel, toe, low or high point. Also, the low profile long-iron design supports low CG and high MOI. As a result, they are simple to launch with the help of the multi-functional and extra wide sole. Lastly, the inverted cone tech encourages swifter ball speed especially on mishit for ultimately consistent distance.

Other Models to Consider when Choosing Taylormade Items

For Taylormade R11 Reg Grph and Steel, the advantages are the ultra thin face thickness, inverted cone tech, quicker balls distance and speed, multi-functional sole, greater playability, progressive top line thickness, and the advanced groove structure that efficiently promotes better control and spin. Another excellent model is the RBZ graphite and RBZ steel. The features include speed pocket, high COR, smooth feel, and consistency. When you decide to use this, we guarantee you higher level of confidence when playing golf.

In addition, you are sure to hit the ball through the tee.

GolfAnd if you want to take advantage of the R7 TP irons, you can also choose this model. But all of our Taylormade golf irons are sure to improve your play wherever you are. For those who want to enjoy workability in steady yardage from shot to shot, this is the best solution. In fact, the R7 TP iron can expand COR zone in order to boost the standard ball speed. The pliable aluminum dampening within the cavity also reduces harsh vibrations while delivering soft yet solid feel. Players use this to achieve tour-caliber hand movement through maximum manipulation.

Leveling Up Golfing Experience through Quality Products

When you choose our Taylormade golf products, you will also be given excellent features as well as benefits that you don’t usually get from other brands. In fact, more and more golfers are choosing Rockbottomgolf in order to cost efficiently meet their needs and expectations in no time. So we invite you to check out our website and witness plethora of golf products on our site. With years of excellence in the industry, we are glad to provide every customer the right service they deserve along with exclusive promos and discounts.

Golf apparel

In terms of technology and innovation, you can always trust Taylormade items for an ultimate golfing experience. You don’t need to spend more time just to find the right model you need. We are here to help you improve your play while making sure that you get more confidence whenever you’re in the greens. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need our help and we will make an effort to address your concerns. All you need to do is contact us or visit our website for more details.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur golfer, the important thing is that you continue to learn every day. By using the ideal model of Taylormade irons, you are guaranteed to level up your golfing skills. We are here to help you come up with the perfect setup so that you will stay comfortable no matter how tough the game is. Again, please call us if you need our assistance and we’ll gladly oblige to help you.

Looking for a Good Long Island Real Estate Property to Buy

Investing in Long Island real estate is one of the largest financial investments you can make in your life. After all, homes and other properties in the area are very high in value. Therefore, it would be devastating to find out if the home you purchased actually leaks during the rainy season. Avoid the horrors of bad home purchases by making sure you look in the right places.

A good place where you can start looking is the Internet. Since most buyers make use of the Internet in looking for homes to buy, real estate agents make sure to post their listings online. Here are a few suggested websites you might want to visit if you are planning to purchase a home in Long Island.

(1) Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. (MLSLI)

mlsMLSLI.com is a perfect website to visit if you are looking for a property to buy in Long Island. Not only does it display thousands of listings you might be interested in; it is also subsidiary of the Long Island Board of Realtors, Inc.

(2) Realtor.com

RealtorAs the domain name suggests, Realtor.com is the official website of the National Association of Realtors®. If you plan on purchasing homes in a certain location in Long Island, you can simply select an area from the list displayed on the left side of the website. You can choose from Queens County, Nassau County, Western Suffolk County, and Eastern Suffolk County.

(3) Newsday

Newsday is actually the name for an official publication in Long Island. The website is a good place to visit when looking for Long Island properties since it has a section filled with real estate classified ads.

(4) Trulia

TruliaTrulia is a website that displays real estate listings from all over the nation. Searching for Long Island properties is easy since the website has a simple interface and is easy to navigate. You can make your search specific by providing your preferred minimum and maximum prices or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would want the house to have.

(5) Laffey Fine Homes

Laffey Fine HomesThis is a real estate agency which operates primarily in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island as well as in Queens. It is a family-owned agency and is affiliated with other global and prominent real estate agencies. The website displays properties for sale in descending order according to price.

When searching online, make sure you inquire about anything else not displayed in the listings. As much as possible, make sure to get a viewing schedule with the agent in charge before making any purchases. Make sure the price is reasonable and that the place has all the things you want in a home.

Author Bio:
The Internet in looking for homes to buy. If you plan on purchasing homes the li-realestatefinder.com best for long island real estate is the best option.

Ways To Use Your Custom Lanyard

We know lanyards to be the strap or cord we wear around our neck to carry our identification cards. These stuff have been around for a long time, and in this ever-changing world, we might think, can these things still be relevant? How else can lanyards be of use aside from using them to carry our IDs?

1. Lanyards can carry more than your ID

Your lanyard can be more than an ID holder. It is basically something that you can use to suspend something, or anything. As such, it can also carry other essentials, like your mobile phone, keys, coin purse, whistle, among other things. People have come up with numerous and creative ways to make use of their lanyards – for bringing their water bottles or compass during a hiking session, for carrying work items such as a pen when you are on the go, even for attaching to their pets’ collars so their furry friends will always be easy to find. Lanyards are very handy and practical things to have. Just allow your imagination to guide you. Observing other people, and browsing the internet, can work as well.


2. Lanyards can serve as identification themselves

Custom lanyards are becoming a popular trend these days. As such, a lot of custom lanyards are made to serve as the identification themselves, instead of just being a carrier for one’s ID. Companies or organizations often put in their logos and mottos on lanyards. For events such as parties or conferences, lanyards can be customized for delegates and staff, for easier recognition. This is especially helpful for event organizers so that they can easily determine who, among the people present in the event, are their teammates and who are the guests.

Lanyards can even be made different for the different departments or teams within the teams so the people in-charge can easily identify, for example, the lights and sounds team versus the backstage team. Apart from the usual identification, lanyards are also customizable for awards or rewards purposes, like for the employee of the month, in companies. This can encourage more employees, not just the one given the award, to strive more in their work, thereby increasing productivity in the workplace.

3. Lanyards can be promotional items

What better way to promote your company or brand, than have walking and talking vehicles carrying it? Having custom designs on a lanyard cannot only make people identify the organization, or the brand involved, it can also make people aware of it. In our modern world, advertisements are found everywhere, so it is crucial to create marketing campaigns that can keep up with the modern trends. Getting people to wear you allows your brand to be exposed to a wider audience, and can help to form an understanding that your brand is something a lot of people are using.

Apart from this, lanyards can also be distributed in events particularly for advertising purposes. Lanyards can be given as freebies to delegates or participants in events. This way, even people who are not already part of your brand can become agents for your brand image. With the right customization – bold words, interesting design, etc. – your lanyard can help you and your brand reach your market.

These are just a few reasons that lanyards are still a relevant tools. The key is to explore. Being in a world of change, changing the way we look at things always helps us keep up with all that is happening – even for simple things, such as lanyards.

For your lanyard needs, we are always here to help. We make sure that our custom lanyards are of top quality and that you, our customer, are greatly satisfied. We will work with you so we get what you need specifically, and so that we can continue to work with you. Still not sure how custom lanyards can be relevant to you? Let us show you how.

Lapel Pins for Fun and Profit

Collecting lapel pins is a widely popular hobby that can be traced as far back in the 1800s. Lapel pins can be bought, sold, and often exchanged; collectible pins have an amazing variety. Today, lapel pins are associated with a specific common theme. The most common ones are the Olympic pins, Disney pins, and Sports pins among others.

As early as 1896, pins, originally small cardboard disks, were used to identify athletes, judges, and officials during the Olympic games. The military had also used pins to identify its high ranking officers.

Lapel pins are still used and often seen in airports, offices, schools and many more establishments, these lapel pins usually are enforced with a needle and displayed near the left side of the chest, this also gave the company employees a sense of loyalty and pride towards their company. But not only was this popular to western countries, the Soviet Union also had their share in the popularity of Lapel pins. The Soviet Union made Pins that had political figures, various landmarks to be used as souvenirs that were sold to tourists.

At present, it has gained so much popularity that it has been labeled as the most popular spectator sport in the Olympic games. The practice of collecting lapel pins and trading, bridges the different cultures of the spectators and helps create connections between people of all ages. Not only that, but lapel pins are the most affordable souvenirs for all the fans across the world.

lapel pinsAnother common theme associated with lapel pins are the Disney pins. Disney boasts an exciting and highly interactive trading experience in Walt Disney World. Pin trading enthusiasts can have fun trading Disney pins with other guests and Disney cast members. The theme park has always offered its guests collectible pins but this fun exchange of Disney pins has started in the Millennium Celebration in 1999 at Walt Disney World. Ever since, many Disney parks have followed the practice including Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and even Disney Cruise Lines. Today, many of its guests take part each day in trading Disney collectible pins with Disney cast members. It has now become one of its remarkable trademarks.

The popularity of lapel pins has never been greater than in youth sports. It has been introduced by Little League in the 1980s. Ever since its introduction, it has gained popularity throughout the entire country and even in other countries.

It has truly become embedded in the culture of youth sports especially in baseball and softball. Generally, each team has its own custom trading pin design that represents their team more suitably. Baseball bats, balls and diamonds are usually the basic elements universally acknowledged in sports.

Finding pins related to sports is quite easy. You just have to remember some essential rules. In recent years, most lapel pin enthusiasts prefer much bigger pins than ever before. Naturally, league teams also have their pins fashioned in specific size, which is usually 1.75-2.5 inches.

Nowadays, sport teams are not only eager to play games at Little Leagues but they have also become more enthusiastic in trading their team pins with other teams. In fact, the teams design their custom pins months before the league starts. Aside from the usual pins of their mascots or the image of their representing teams, they like to add more fun effects like glitters and even blinking lights just to up their chances of getting more trades. And of course, they want their team to be recognized as well.

Lapel pin trading has become a means of fostering unity in sporting events, and ultimately, encourage a spirit of fellowship and understanding amidst differences of customs and cultures.